Bespoke Orders

If you require a bespoke order, then please email your full order details to Troop Logos. Please follow the simple guidelines below.

Step 1

E-mail the following information along with a copy of your design/logo to

  • Garment Type Required (T-shirt, Polo Shirt, Sweatshirt):
  • Size/s:
  • Colour:
  • Quantity:
  • Front Left Breast Logo/Text Required:
  • Front Right Breast Logo/Text Required:
  • Rear Logo/Text Required:
  • Left Sleeve Logo/Text Required:
  • Right Sleeve Logo/Text Required:
  • Payment Method:
  • Required by date: 
  • Telephone No:
  • Postal Address:

Step 2

We will email you back with a quote and will ask you to confirm the order.

Step 3

Once the order has been confirmed an invoice will be emailed along with a sample of your logo/s.

Step 4

Payment received from you the customer.

Step 5

Once full payment has been received and depending on how large your order is please allow 10 to 20 Working Days for orders to be processed and dispatched.